8 Tips to Update Your PC Work After Malware Removal

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Step 3: Rebuild Boot Files

Type EXIT in the command window, press Enter, and click Continue on the Choose an option window. This closes the Command Prompt window, and restarts Windows 10 in normal mode. Upon successful restart, you can back up your data, create restore points, etc. to make sure the future errors, if they ever occur, can be fixed comparatively sooner and with less trouble. In this article we will find out how to repair Windows 10 boot loader on a computer operating in UEFI mode. This will rebuild the boot configuration data and hopefully fix your problem.

There are various reasons why the BCD boot file can get corrupted and cause the system not to boot, so we are going to show you how to backup the boot file and how we can repair it . However, the bad news is that you have to do a little work to fix the BCD is missing error. Create Windows 7 installation media on a working computer. You can download ISO image files from Microsoft Store and burn the ISO image files to a USB drive or CD/DVD via Windows 7 USB DVD download tool. If the BCD is lost, damaged or changed, the Windows operating system may not boot properly and a recovery screen will be displayed.

Using The Installation Disc

  • In the following contents, I will show you 4 solutions to help you get out of the trouble.
  • Why would "the requested system device cannot be found" occur?
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  • What should we do when this issue occurs?

If we are certain that the failure was due to a hardware component, then we will have to replace it with a new one. One of the most uncomfortable situations that we can find when using our computer is that when it is turned on we find that it does not start. The truth is that there can be many causes of the problem, but one of the most frequent errors is the one related to Boot Configuration Data or BCD .

You can also run the command with switches to fix just the master boot record (/fixmbr), the boot sector (/fixboot), or rebuild the entire BCD (/rebuildbcd). When prompted, boot from the CD drive by pressing any key. If Windows loads automatically, you will first have to enter the BIOS setup and change the order of the boot devices to bass.dll start with the CD drive.

Using theF12key at the Splash screen to enter a menu that lets you boot from the Windows installation media or a bootable disc or flash drive. This usually means that Windows 10 can no longer find the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) for the PC. This can be due to an error occurring while the data is being read.