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The solution was to enable “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” in the “Mouse & trackpad” settings. Eventually I found my way here and removed the Elan driver. MS was kind enough to share which conflicts with Smart Gesture.

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I removed it and Scrolling was much faster and smoother. However, I can’t use two finger scrolling in the Start menu at all. Denis, you can use the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and select “Upgrade this PC now”. It will not change your apps and files, and it could solve your issue.

If you continue having issues, include the model of your laptop in the comment. Kristoffer, for the first time I contacted ASUS support to see if they have a solution, but they don’t.

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After looking through your site here, I came across someone having had success with the version 2.2.8, and I thought to give it a go. I included many solutions to the Smart Gesture installer problem on this new post.

However, I think something is going wrong with this 4.0.9 version. I did uninstall the Smart Gestures program and restarted my laptop prior to running the setup file. Once I carried out the above steps and the restarted my laptop download usb drivers again my touch pad was working again with Smart Gestures. Let me know if this works for you too, in order to help other users.

I have tried ASUS tech support, but have not heard back from them. Salah, other users with the ASUS TP300L had the same issue. Install the latest ATK Package, and then press Fn+F9 to enable the touchpad. the touchpad is extremely sensitive and rapidly scrolls at the lightest touch. the pointer speed settings in control panel doesn’t seem to help. I can double click to display the application – but the mouse pointer dies.

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I know, pretty foolish, but it must 100% work, doesn’t it? Will it recover to factory settings with smart gesture working version restored? All the data is actually backed-up in cloud, so it doesn’t bother me.

  • While the fixes worked for most users, they’ve brought a host of new problems for a handful.
  • Here are the latest Windows 10 update problems, along with solutions on how you can fix them.
  • If it’s marked with a yellow exclamation mark, it means that the culprit of the current sound problems on the system is the Realtek’s audio driver.
  • On the bright side, it’s good to see Microsoft withholding an update on account of it not being ready, because a rushed release could lead to similar problems to those listed below.
  • Luckily, GSOD is basically the same thing as BSOD, so it’s not like it’s necessarily more serious, but it’s still a cause for concern, much like any broken Windows 10 update.

They said you should call them, here are the phone numbers . However, the 2 fingers scroll is overly fast such that it is useless and I can’t find where to slow it down. I suspect it’s like the mouse roller setting where I have to change 1 click to scroll 1 line instead of 3 lines. Firstly, thanks for providing the solution to resolve the smart gesture after win10 update. Thomato, if your right click issue was not present on Windows 8, you can try a previous driver like V2.2.8 . When I right click, there is a sort of delay which freezes the cursor (about 0.25 sec I think), and it is impossible to move the cursor in this interval.

Thanks for replying so fast, it was a couple of minutes or so. I did that sequence for 10 times or so, but once it resulted in crashing to blue screen which happens now and on every time I try to install/re-install Smart Gesture or detach the screen . So the only thing I came up with is pretty simple and radical – reseting this PC. I downloaded SmartGesture from your site and reinstalled again, but it needs to be completely uninstalled before. If Smart Gesture worked on your laptop before, you can use a previous version. In the Notes section you have a link for V2.2.8, which works on Windows 10.

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