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Knowledge Base – Amazing Features Of Snapseed App For Phones You May Not Know Exist (With Screenshots).

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Tools include text, frames, double exposure and a powerful healing brush which removes unwanted objects with the touch of your finger. Snapseed’s export menu facilitates easy sharing and saving of your photos. A brand new Face tool lets the user close in on faces and enrich the quality of skin or eyes. Another new one, called Perspective, can straighten lines to correct for perspective Snapseed effect in the original image. And White Balance gives fine color balance adjustment using an eye dropper tool.

These three neatly organized sets of tools are all you need from a RAW photo editor. They form a powerful triad for correcting many of the problems encountered with unprocessed RAW photos. With that understanding of how RAW photography works, let’s take a look at some of the best RAW photo editing software.

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Sometimes it’s hard to fit a photo into your feed when you’re going for a certain look, but Lightroom saves my butt every single time. Now that you have a good understanding of the top paid and free photo editors out there, it’s time to get testing! If you don’t want to spend money on a photo editor, start with a free one or a free trial, then take it from there.

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  • However, since the release of iOS10, iPhone cameras have had the capability to shoot in RAW saving images in a DNG file format.

In its latest update to Snapseed 2.1, the popular photo editing software owned by Google now supports editing of DNG RAW files. With many Android phones now supporting RAW capture, this could mean really big news for the mobile photography world, especially on Android devices. But this feature isn’t only for mobile photographers, as the RAW capabilities are virtually endless. These apps can act as preprocessors for a photo—similar to the way the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in works in Photoshop. If you’re working with a dark image, for example, running it through piRAWnha first may tease out detail that another editor might overlook. Then, after exporting the file , use Snapseed or Photogene to perform additional edits. Or, if your images need only minor tonal or color saturation adjustments, they may benefit just from a pass through a raw editor without any further processing.

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This often results in uneven light on the food, casting shadows in parts of the plates or bowls. In order to produce a more balanced image, adjust the “shadow, ambiance and highlight” sliders. Sometimes, uneven lighting may give you better results, as having shadows at the right places can shape your subjects better.

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