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Look for an amp that can put out between 75% and 150% of that 115 watts RMS rating, like a Pioneer GM-D8604. Delturon, When your sub amp hits hard, it’s trying to draw as much as 200 amperes of current from your vehicle’s electrical system. As the amp strains to get that unobtainable amount of current, its power supply voltage drops, and the amp goes into protect mode.

The dimensions of the steel layers and concrete fill are all published, so I first calculated the approximate steel weight. Then I backed out the approximate concrete weight and divided it by the volume to get the density. Since this is a rough calculation, there’s some variation in the results but it seems good enough. According to my numbers, there isn’t a significant difference in the lining density of the BF gun safe models compared to the smaller UL 72 rated BF models. These companies may have different relationships with local safe dealers.

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Jamie, For an amplifier, like yours, that will put out up to 75 watts RMS per channel, 18-gauge speaker wire will work just Find The Differences fine. Jose, Sending 1000 watts RMS to a subwoofer rated for half that amount will blow the sub, as you’ve experienced. If you want to use that amplifier, get a subwoofer rated for 750 to 1500 watts RMS and can get wired as a 2-ohm load. With all things equal except amplifiers, what’s better for 4 door speakers and a single sub, a single 5 channel amp or a 4 channel + a 1 channel? I’m comparing the Kenwood X801 or a pair of Alpine MRVs 500 single and the channel.

Even without hearing the results, I think the equipment you’ve chosen will sound excellent together. Just be sure, if you’re installing the amplifier yourself, to set the front, rear, and subwoofer channels’ gain so no distortion ever plays. I have a custom enclosure for my car and the rest of the wires I will get from the installer when I get everything installed. Thank you very much for the input about the amp though, that was my biggest concern. Kyle, A single DVC 2-ohm subwoofer rated for 1400 watts RMS will sound best with an amp that can put out between 1050 and 2100 watts RMS into one ohm, like a Memphis Audio PRX1500.1. Hello Buck, I have a Kenwood KDC-X7000 DAB, two pairs of JBL GX862 speakers and I will be adding a amp and subwoofer.

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If you click on ‘sellers other items’ you will see the other kits and batteries they have available. If you wanted to buy a battery separately Batteryempireuk on eBay are a good supplier – I have purchased quite a few batteries from them in the past and they have all proven to be reliable over the long term. Now I have Aikema 128SX BBA B2 500W 36V 60 NM torque rear hub motor in our bicycle. It drives really fast with the help of pedals, up to 50 km/h. Even the controller becomes too much hot and the power wires from the controller to the moto began to melt.

  • Tap on the avatar and it will open a small window where you can read and send new messages in that thread, without fully opening the app.
  • When doing electrical work on vehicles, it’s best to disconnect the ground cable.
  • It‘s the Gel batteries that require a special charge profile.
  • Ceramic wool is used as the inner insulation onUL 72 Class 125fire safes to keep the temperature under 125 °F at low humidity.
  • NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards with Fermi or Kepler architecture are sufficient.

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